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Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Hi everyone ! A big hello from The Soul Curry to all its readers. And sorry to keep you waiting for a long time . But now I am  back, and 2017 is going to be yet another year filled with yummy, easy and lipsmacking recipes . So stay tuned and keep cooking. I was […]

Homemade Spiced Paneer

A healthy snack that is high on flavor and nutrition ! Homemade spiced paneer is an easy preparation, that’s just perfect for this rainy season. Give it a shot! And for all my calorie conscious readers , this recipe has no oil. Enjoy ! We all know how it feels when enter the kitchen , keep the milk to boil and it gets spoiled. This generally happens during summers. And then we are left with only two options – either discard the entire thing , or make something out of the curdled milk. I am the kind of person who…

Green Tomato Veggie Side – Hirvya Tamatyachi Bhaji

Green tomato veggie side is a perfect side dish with an amazing combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Baby green tomatoes are used for the preparation , to get a fresh tangy taste. This is totally different from the tang we get from Tamarind or Amsul. It’s a must try Maharashtrian recipe , to instantly spice up any regular meal.

Desiccated Coconut and Mango Ladoo

A beautiful ladoo, that’s loaded with the fresh flavor of desiccated coconut and mango. The two flavor come together so well , that I bet no one can resist having more than one ! They are loved by kids and adults alike. The grand fiesta of the 10 day long Ganesh festival is going to end today , with Ganesh Visarjan. There will be lots of processions , dancing , music and the quintessential Dhol Tashe with it. The celebrations today won’t be complete without some sweets. So today made these soft , fudgy and full of flavor, Desiccated coconut…

Malai Paneer Starters

Velvety soft cottage cheese cubes smeared with an aromatic and creamy sauce! Sounds awesome ,right? Trust me it is ! Malai paneer makes for a delicious starter or an equally amazing vegetarian side. Paneer is generally at the top of the list of favourite foods for any vegetarian ( or non-vegetarians) in India. At my house too, Paneer is the hot favorite. Recently I started making Paneer at home. I just Loved the soft velvety texture and fresh taste of paneer , that one can make at home easily. As opposed to the rubbery chewy Paneer that we get in…

Shankarpale – Sweet Snack

Shankarpale is a traditional Maharashtrian snack that has a perfect hint of sweetness to it . It is generally prepared on the festival of Diwali . But a snack like this, doesn’t really need a festival to be around . Shankarpale are an absolute hit with the kids ! Shankarpale are mildly sweet snack , perfectly crisp with melt-in-the-mouth texture. In Marathi this texture is called “khuskhusheet “. No wonder kids love it! With the festival of Ganapati in full swing , the festive food just keeps coming , with the Modaks being the star of the festival. We do…

Lasnachi Chutney

Lasnachi chutney or garlic chutney is a regular condiment in all the Maharashtrian houses. The spicy condiment made with coconut , spices and garlic ( garlic being the prominent flavor) is always in stock for us. It goes well with any meal , and is also used as a chutney with Vada Pav. This chutney has always been a part of regular meals at my house. It is an awesome condiment to spice up any regular meal. The main flavor is that of garlic and the red color comes from the dried red chili. The recipe is really simple ….

Rava Besan Laddo

One of the most popular sweets in India is the delicious Laddo . Laddo is the term given to a sweet that’s round in shape . It can be made with various ingredients , adding loads of ghee and dry fruits to it. This particular Rava besan laddo is a Maharashtrian recipe , made almost for every festival . These laddos are a favourite with the kids. Specially if the kids are Chchota Bheem fans , the laddos are even more in demand. It is one of the easy and healthy , bite-size snack for the kids to have ….

Chocolate and Dry Fruit Fudge

Chocolate . Dry fruit . Fudge . Do I even need to say anything more? Its an awesome , chocolaty , gooey , nutty treat , that’s loved by all . This Rakshabandhan , treat your siblings with this awesome dessert ! Tomorrow is the festival of Rakhi , the festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. Everyone seems to be busy sending Rakhi and gifts to their brothers and sisters. This festival wasn’t a big deal when we were young , when all of us used to stay with our parents. It was just a…