Chief Culinary Officer…. in my kitchen!


I am Dipti, born and brought up in Delhi, basically a Maharashtrian, presently residing in Hyderabad. As you can see, it’s been a total roller coaster for my palate…….and I have no complaints!

Being brought up in a metro city meant, I had friends from all over India…..and thanks to them , I got to sample some of the finest food of almost every region .

I’ve always been a great fan of home cooked food….. and truely appreciate the cullinery skills of my grandmother…..which have been passed on from generations. These awesome recipes deserve to be preserved and shared. This blog is a sincere attempt to do so.

Sampling food is easy….but actually creating it felt really difficult. So started my journey of learning the traditional recipes and giving them the Masterchef look . As you must have guessed, This blog will be about all things Food. I will be sharing my experiences with cooking…… both traditional and not-so-traditional recipes. My journey from tasting , to trying various recipes, to creating tantalising outcomes.

I am glad that you guys visited my blog. Do write to me .  Your feedback, comments and suggestions  are most welcome.

And stay tuned…………… and enjoy the world of home made food!