Green Tomato Veggie Side – Hirvya Tamatyachi Bhaji

Green tomato veggie side is a perfect side dish with an amazing combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Baby green tomatoes are used for the preparation , to get a fresh tangy taste. This is totally different from the tang we get from Tamarind or Amsul. It’s a must try Maharashtrian recipe , to instantly spice up any regular meal.

Masala Poha Recipe

Some mornings are just, plain simple bliss. With kids having summer holidays, there isn’t any hurry to pack their boxes or rush them off to school. To add to the calmness , You’ve already decided on breakfast . You don’t want to have anything complex, but just relax and fall back on the ever-so-trusted mom’s recipe. Today was such a day . And we started it with the simple Masala Poha. The light poha with veggies and roasted groundnuts is one of the everyday dish for any Marathi family. And yet is relished like a delicacy. The signature maharashtrian garnish…