Lasnachi Chutney

Lasnachi chutney or garlic chutney is a regular condiment in all the Maharashtrian houses. The spicy condiment made with coconut , spices and garlic ( garlic being the prominent flavor) is always in stock for us. It goes well with any meal , and is also used as a chutney with Vada Pav. This chutney has always been a part of regular meals at my house. It is an awesome condiment to spice up any regular meal. The main flavor is that of garlic and the red color comes from the dried red chili. The recipe is really simple ….

Jawas Chutney – Flax seed Chutney

A dry powder chutney made with the combination of Flax seed ( Jawas in Marathi ) and sesame seeds, spiced with fiery red chili and garlic. A traditional Indian recipe that is a must try as it helps you get the goodness of flax seed in every meal! Flax seed , sesame seeds and groundnuts have been an important part of the Maharashtrian diet since ages. Dry powder chutneys are easy to make and store , so there is always some stock in the kitchen . You just have to take some of the chutney, drench it in oil or…