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Enjoy the goodness of home made food !

Bitti- Wheat Rolls

BITTI / WHEAT ROLLS Ghee jaggery and hot Bitti’s……. That’s the breakfast and kids lunch-box today!! Bittis are Wheat flour rolls ,flavoured with salt and carom seeds.

Pizza Pockets Recipe

KIDS definitely know how to keep their moms on their toes. Be it free play, be it school work, be it getting ready for a party , or be it feeding them ( and that’s atleast 3-5 times a day!). I have really started to understand the phrase “ Eating with your eyes ” , after I started cooking for and feeding my kids. The food should look good, much before it tastes good. That’s their philosophy……..and I think it applies to all of us too. We would love to try out food that looks delicious, won’t you? So, with…

How to make Pani Puri at Home

This is as good as it gets! These gol gappas taste awesome! The “ paani” makes it a lip-smacking treat! And above all its really simple to make. I had tasted home-made gol gappas at my sisters place a few months back. Took the recipe and tried it yesterday myself!. It turned out amazing! Also having gol gappas at home means there’s no upper limit to the number you can have! Gol gappas remind me of my senior school – college days . Those days, going out with friends never meant pizza or burger joints . Even treats didn’t have…

Misal Pav / Usal Recipe

Every now and then I find myself looking for something different to make . Specially in summers, as there are very few vegetables available . And it feels like everyday I am making either cabbage, beans or eggplants. This is when legumes and pulses save the day! They are healthy, tasty and easy to make. The only thing that is needed, is a little pre-planning. There is soaking and in some cases sprouting, involved in the preparation . But if you have the sprouts ready , it takes no time to put together a nice meal! A preparation on the…

Saunth / Tamarind Chutney

SAUNTH / TAMARIND CHUTNEY It’s a fact known to all street food lovers , that no chaat is ever complete without a spicy green chutney and sweet n sour Saunth / Tamarind chutney. So before going further, on snacks and street food , I thought of giving you the recipe for these chutneys first. Here I am sharing with you the recipe for saunth / tamarind chutney. You can prepare the chutney and refrigerate it in an air tight glass container, and use it whenever required. SAUNTH /TAMARIND CHUTNEY TIP

Kokam Dal / Amti

KOKAM DAL / AMTI My son is a total fan of Varan Bhaat / Dal Chawal. He can have it anytime of the day,and I mean ANYTIME, even for breakfast. That’s why I always keep a little plain cooked toor dal in my fridge. And whenever we are running out of options for his meal, White rice and Kokam dal can be ready in 2 minutes. Kokam dal is one of the easiest dal to make. No cutting chopping involved, you just need all the ingredients in your kitchen , that’s it. This is one of the best recipes if…

Spiced Buttermilk / Mattha

MONSOON…….. COME SOON! This year the Monsoon seem to be a little delayed, And Summer has comfortably settled in. The hottest topic around is, How to beat the heat? And my answer to it is – Summer Coolers ! And today its going to be Spiced Buttermilk! Spiced buttermilk is a great accompaniment for any maharashtrian meal. It is an essential component of buffet menus at all marriages , ceremonies or pujas in Maharashtra. But you can enjoy it equally well as a summer cooler. It is a healthy drink and is good for your stomach ( quoting my mom!)….

Bhel Puri Recipe

I am blessed with two wonderful kids. My daughter is a complete foodie. And thank god for that. Now I have 2 guinea pigs at home ( first one being my hubby , of course). There’s one basic question that keeps coming up every now and then in my house…….” Mom , I am hungry, is there anything to eat???” “ Sure Dear, what will you have?” “Ummm…..Something Nice” And then follows an endless discussion about what all can be prepared….. and her wanting something NICER. If it is evening snack time……. BHEL PURI always comes to my rescue.

Modak Recipe – Ganesh Chaturthi Prasad

I am from a Maharashtrian Brahmin family……. And according to our tradition we start any new venture with “ GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA”!! As kids we used to wait for the Ganapati festival, for the decorations, puja, aarti, music and masti …..but above all, we used to wait for all the delicacies we’ll get to stomach!! One of those specialties is “MODAK”…. And for the same reason I chose to write about its recipe as my first one!! When I started trying out various recipes , my Mom and MIL were my lifelines. “Hello….Mom?, How do you make Modak? Its nothing…

First step into the blogosphere!

Yup……’re right! I am finally doing it!!………penning down my take on food and cooking!! I was just like almost any other girl those days…… my own world of Friends ,School, College , Studies, Career………I had never ever stepped into the kitchen ( except for an occasional tea, coffee or maggi……if u can count that as cooking). Kitchen in our home was considered my Mom’s and more so my Grandmom’s domain of expertise. We (me, my brother and two sisters) waited for the glorious Sundays , when we could make special requests…….and then impatiently wait for the yummy food to come…