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Potato in a blanket – Aloo bombs recipe!

A spicy potato based filling inside a blanket of perfectly crispy bread crust. A recipe that can easily make a weekend breakfast or a weekday snack , tad bit more special. Just team it up with lightly toasted bread , dip of your choice and ketchup. And ,how can I forget … ginger tea!

Its OK to give in to the cravings sometimes , right? Specially when its drizzling outside , signaling that the monsoons are finally here, and they are here to stay! We had a nice leisurely breakfast yesterday at the sit-out, enjoying the rains . Doesn’t the spread look beautiful?

This Aloo Bomb recipe is an awesome snack for such pleasant weather. And the kids love it too! They just finish them off in minutes.

Yes, its fried . But we already agreed that it’s OK to indulge, sometime ;-). And anyways,( I can’t lie to you on this) the texture and the crunch you get from deep frying can’t be matched with any other method.

In this recipe there is a lot of scope for experimentation in the filling part. You can use any number and any types of veggies for the filling . If you prefer , you can even make it totally out of potatoes . Or maybe add some cottage cheese and capsicum to the filling. The possibilities are just endless.

Today I made the filling using potato as the base , and added chopped carrot and onions to it. This, though a simple filling , doesn’t compromise on taste at all . I would have loved to add some sweet corn to this if it were in season. It gives a nice flavor and adds to the texture of the filling.

Now without wasting much time , sharing with you the recipe here. Do try it and let me know how u like it!

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Potato in a blanket - Aloo bombs recipe!
Course snack
Cuisine indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 15 minutes
Course snack